Jenelle Evans’ “I Have Something to Say” Video 1 Part 2 Recap: Jenelle Talks About Her Firing from ‘Teen Mom 2’ & Says She Was Held Against Her Will at Reunion

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Jenelle Evans’ new YouTube series is in full swing, with the former Teen Mom 2 star posting the second video on Monday. The first video— which was posted last week— saw Jenelle and her husband David Eason and mother Barbara Evans talking about the 2019 CPS case against Jenelle and David. (The Ashley took one for the team and recapped the first part of the video, and added lil bits ‘o’ truth into the text as well. You can read that here.)

As promised, The Ashley has recapped the second part of Video 1, which talks about Jenelle getting fired from ‘Teen Mom 2’ in 2019, as well as her last Reunion experience, which Jenelle & Co. claim Jenelle was verbally accosted by host Nessa on-stage, not to mention held against her will at the Reunion by the show’s producers.

Let’s hop right into this giant cauldron of Swamp Stew, shall we?

When you realize how much incredibly easy money you lost out on…

Jenelle switches topics from the CPS investigation to her firing, which she says started with a call from her “assistant manager” (um?), which she suspected was a call telling her that she was fired.

“He texted me that the MTV crew and producers want to talk to you,” she said. “I said, ‘It’s OK you can talk to them, I think I already know what it’s about. I said, ‘they’re letting me go, aren’t they?’ And he said, ‘Yeah.’”

(In case you want to learn what really happened on the day Jenelle was given the ol’ heave-ho, click here!

David’s oafy mug reappears on the screen then, to tell his side of Jenelle’s firing. He insists that he was tired of them, and not the other way around.

“When it comes to MTV, I didn’t want to work with them anymore,” David says.

“Um…bro, you were ordered to stay at least one swamp’s length away from anyone associated with MTV. I hardly think that makes it your choice…”

He does finally admit that he and Jenelle were fired by the network, despite both of them denying they were fired numerous times before.

“In the middle of all this drama, we get fired from,” David said. “I was already let go. They never said, ‘You’re fired.’ They might have said ‘We’re not going to film with David anymore in their episode on television, but they didn’t tell me I was fired. Not directly.”

(And…if you want to read what really happened behind-the-scenes when David was fired, click here!)

“And they did the same thing with Jenelle, which is completely unfair that they would fire Jenelle over something I did,” David said.

As The Ashley previously reported, though, Jenelle was not only fired due to the Nugget incident.

One of The Ashley’s production sources (who watched this video) tells her, “After years of working with her, appeasing her and putting up with her tantrums, and then dealing with her refusing to film without David present, not to mention cancelling [filming] at the last minutes, etc., the producers had enough. The dog killing was the last straw, though.”

Anyway, David brings up the fact that there are other people on the ‘Teen Mom’ shows whom he feels are worse than he is.

“All these abusers, they’ve got people on that show that abuse everything!” he proclaims. “But then they single me out. Something’s fishy about that!”

“I may be awful, but there are plenty of people who are more-awfuler than me.”

(Again, David was let go because of his homophobic Twitter rant in early 2018. He later made online threats to other ‘Teen Mom’ cast members and crew members, which is why the crews refused to film when David was around.)

“Jenelle didn’t do anything!” he protests. “Jenelle didn’t do anything to anyone. The last time she went to New York [for a ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion] and filmed for them, I stayed in Philly and she went to the city to film, so I wasn’t anywhere around.”

He then claims that, while in NYC filming that Reunion episode, Jenelle called him and said she was feeling sick to her stomach. David said he was also feeling sick.

“I was s**tting my brains out,” David said “And throwin’ up, all day long and we didn’t know why.”

All of our faces as we try to erase THAT horrorshow of a mental picture from our brains…

David said they had a stomach bug. Jenelle was filming, and he admitted this is not the only time Jenelle has pleaded that she was sick during filming.

“It went on for a while and she said they wouldn’t let her leave,” David said. “She said she needed to leave.”

“I said, ‘They can’t just tell you you’re not allowed to leave if you want to leave!” David said.

Jenelle told him that she was being told she wasn’t allowed to leave.

“[They said] she had to stay there and film regardless.”

“It’s not like I signed a contract promising to fulfill my obligation to film or anything…oh…wait…”

(The Ashley would like to interject here that Jenelle has left filming due to “illness” many, many times over the course of the show. While The Ashley can’t confirm what David is saying is true, The Ashley imagines that, given that they were at their wit’s end with Jenelle and her antics, they probably figured she was again claiming to be sick in order to leave filming and finally enforced her contractual obligation to film or be fined, etc. Again, The Ashley is just speculating here.)

“I don’t remember at any point, them taking legal guardianship of my wife, or anything of the sort that says she has to follow their orders,” David says.

(She did sign a contract, promising to complete the filming as required, so technically she did have to follow their orders or be fined for not fulfilling those contractual obligations.)

“You can’t just hold someone against their will!” David says.

“She was darn near a prisoner, y’all!”

David says he texted producer Larry Musnik and told him if they didn’t let Jenelle leave, David would storm down to NYC and pick her up (and presumably fill the streets of New York with uppercuts, naturally.) He knew that the producers didn’t want to be anywhere near him, so he figured they’d let Jenelle leave rather than risk coming face-to-face with David’s angry mug.

He was surprised when Larry and the other producers took his threat seriously.

“I don’t understand why they went berserk!” David says.

“Go figure. My only regret was not bringing my bulletproof vest to the Reunion.”

Next, Babs pops back on to let us know how she felt about Jenelle’s firing, which also caused her to get cut from the show.

“After the Dog Incident with David, ya know, Jenelle and I were let go from MTV. I just don’t, like, feel that it was fair because, ya know, there’s other people on that show, on the ‘OG’ show—Amber Portwood— and she was goin’ around with a machete and tryin’ to kill her boyfriend, hurt her boyfriend.”

You guys know you read that as “Booooooooyfriend…”

“[Amber] was cursin’ and screamin’ and all this craziness happened,” Barb said. “She punches him in the face, does all this. She was fired from MTV for five years, she went to jail.”

(The Ashley is interjecting here to say that Amber was never fired from MTV or ‘Teen Mom.’ The show ended around the time Amber went to prison, but was reborn as ‘Teen Mom OG’ later. She was not fired.)

“She’s still on the show. There’s other girls from ‘Teen Mom OG’ and, what is that? ‘Young and Pregnant?’ And those girls had racial comments. A lot of people had racial comments. A lot of people talked nasty stuff… I mean, Amber Portwood, she blasted me out on Instagram.

“She’s calling me a drunk, and telling me to go suck somebody’s blank blank blank!” Barb said. “I’m like ‘Oh my God! She’s saying that about me? I’m like 67 and she’s telling me to go do that. And she doesn’t get fired from MTV.”

Barb swears that there’s favoritism within the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise.

“It was wrong!” she says. “Don’t get me wrong. Jenelle’s no angel, ya know. And I don’t condone her behavior. But the deal was to sign up and your life would be portrayed on MTV.”

“Go ahead and boot Juh-nelle, but why can’t ya keep me?! Ya know I make the damn show!”

“There was really no justification why we were, ya know, let go, OK?” Barb continues, adding that she has the same contract as Jenelle and the other girls, but was still let go when Jenelle was axed.

(If the principle girl is fired, those associated with her will not continue on with the show, regardless of their own contracts, as The Ashley has previously told you.)

Now that Jenelle’s been given the boot, Barb claims that things are “actually kind of good.”

“We’re out of the public life, and we don’t have people making up stories all the time,” Barb says. “CPS isn’t being called anymore. It’s rough being a public person. We did that show for 10 years. Now we’re moving on and Jenelle has other opportunities. The 10 years, it was fun when it happened. Sometimes it was horrible. But basically it was just something we did, a job, for 10 years.”

Later, Barb addresses “The Nessa Incident,” in which host Nessa called Jenelle out for social media posts Jenelle made about Nessa’s boyfriend, football player Colin Kaepernick. (Jenelle claimed she didn’t make those posts, cried and stormed off the stage.)

“Nessa would not let it go, and Jenelle got very upset so she left the stage,” Babs said. “Not only that, MTV could not let David be in New York City when we filmed.

Babs agrees that “Juh-nelle was sicka than a dog” yet she “rallied and made it to New York City,” only to have Nessa keep talking to her about her boooooyfriend. Barb says she was furious.

Barb says it wasn’t Jenelle who posted the negative story about Colin. It was “someone” who posted it on her fanpage.

(The Ashley is interjecting here to say that both David and Jenelle made posts to their personal Facebook pages about Colin, and David also posted about him various times on Instagram.)

“I ripped my headphones off and threw them on the floor and that was that!” Babs said. “We were done.”

Babs claimed that Jenelle was so sick that they had to call “a paramedic” who wanted to take her to the hospital and “run IVs.” 

“Dr. Drew was so concerned he came into the dressing room with us and made sure Jenelle was OK,” Barb said. “Dr. Drew even was feelin’ her stomach. He was so concerned. We love Dr. Drew.”

“I’ve got somethin’ ya can feel, ya silver fox, you!”

Barb goes on to state that she feels the whole incident with Nessa “was a set-up with producers” that was organized before Jenelle and Barb went on stage.

“I could see Nessa was readin’ off the teleprompter,” she said. “[It] was all a set-up by the producers. They planned this even before we walked in the door that night.

“If I was reading off the teleprompter it would have sounded robotic like it always does when I’m reading. Obviously.”

“They knew they were going to let Jenelle go, so they wanted her to go out with a bang for the ratings! It’s always about the ratings!”

Barb said the producers thought Jenelle was faking an illness.

“Oh, you know, she’s not really sick. We had a paramedic there!” Barb protests. “She was sick. How dare they do this to us. I’ll never forget it. It was so hurtful. Ten years, we gave them 10 years and only Dr. Drew— God bless his heart, I love him so—he was the only one who didn’t know anything about this.”

Barb claimed, once again, it came down to favoritism.

“That’s what they do, because we’re not part of the favorites,” she said.

She then talks about how her “old producer thought David was gonna, ya know, shoot ‘em all!”

As you do…

“She said, ‘Oh my God, I can’t go to their house anymore, I can’t go to North Carolina anymore. We can’t be around David. He’s gonna come. He’s gonna shoot us. He’s gonna take the whole crew and shoot ‘em in the driveway. We can’t be anywhere around him.”

“Ya scared of a few guns, an angry guy and a couple of hundred rounds of ammo?! What a bunch of los-ars!”

Barb admits, though, that “David was very angry at that time, don’t get me wrong.”

(This was right around the time of this little incident, mind you…)

“I don’t condone his behavior at all,” she says. “He was very scary at that time.”

She assures us, though, that he wouldn’t “be, like, murdering people.”

Barb said that the producers would not even allow them to film at a location 60 miles away from The Land because it was too close to David (and his anger issues).

“They made it very difficult for us,” Barb said, adding that MTV edited out a bunch of good stuff she and Jenelle filmed over the years.

“They always were lookin’ for like the drama!” Barbara claims.

“It’s not like we had to work hard to find it, Barb!”

She says that the footage MTV chose to use made Jenelle “look so bad.”

“A lot of times it was so heartbreaking and heart-wrenching to watch that, as a mother. It was horrible. Is the fame worth it? I don’t know.

Jenelle’s tear-stained mug comes back on the screen next, to explain how she “gave it her all” during the last period of filming.

“They told me they didn’t want to be around David, I said fine. I went out of town and filmed all the time,” she said. “I told them so many suggestions of film and they told me ‘no no no no we don’t want to do that all the time.”

“The reason they didn’t want to be around David was just because of his anger issues,” Jenelle said. “My old producer, Kristen, we got along over the years here and there..there was something about her I just didn’t trust. I would always hold up a guard with her because I felt like she was being fake in front of me and then behind the scenes she was basically telling her bosses ‘I’m just doing this to be on Jenelle’s good side so we can film what we need to film’ so she didn’t lose her job.

“She would always try to befriend me but then go behind my back.”

Jenelle says that when MTV booted her butt, she was upset and told MTV “maybe it’s best if I go. I think this is causing a lot of stress and a lot of depression on me. And I don’t think I can handle it anymore.’

“I kept telling them that things need to change, like, can you listen to my voice? Can you listen to my videos?” she wailed. “Can you just listen to me? But nothing was ever good enough.”

“Things did need to change— David needed to stop threatening the crew and producers, Jenelle needed to stop cancelling or postponing filming and costing them money, and refusing to film,” The Ashley’s production source says.

Jenelle was also mad that she was not allowed to be part of the editing process (which, as The Ashley can tell you, no one is allowed to do, no matter how many YouTube videos they create.)

“It’s no fair, dude!”

“Nothing went into a single thought of what I said to them,” she said in a very Farrah Speak way.

“It’s just crazy, over the years, you know, you filmed me on heroin, you filmed me nodding out on heroin, almost overdosing. You filmed me talking about stealing my mom’s credit cards when I was 17. I let you film every single one of my children’s births…I did everything I could and put all the effort I could into this show to make it work over the years. And for all of that, to be thrown away for nothing.”

She begs the producers to tell her what she did wrong.

“Like, just tell me what I did wrong!”

Literally everything discussed in this video…

Immediately after begging them to tell her why she was let go, Jenelle tells us that she feels “a sense of relief” that she was let go.

“I feel a sense of freedom,” she said.

Despite feeling like everything she did, said and thought was wrong, and, you know having CPS on her tail and the fans “harassing” her and telling her not to be with David.

“Don’t work it out,” she says the fans said. “You two are f**king psycho.”

“I feel it was just too much. I feel like now being away from that platform, I have a voice, and I’m not scared to talk anymore. For the last year, I’ve been so confined and I’ve been such an introvert since being off the show, that I’ve been scared to talk to anyone about anything.”

(Except for, you know, the Internet.)

“I feel like I can express myself more now without having to worry if I’m going to get fired or not.”


“Do I think it was fair that MTV let me go? No I do not.”

(Does MTV care? No they do not.)

“Especially after the Amber Portwood incident happened and she went to jail for five years. She gets out and they continue the show. I was fine about it. I didn’t have an opinion it.”

(The Ashley is interjecting to say that Amber did not go to jail for five years. She was sentenced to five years in prison, but only served 17 months.)

Amber’s face while watching this video…

“Then the machete incident happened and they didn’t let her go. So what did I do that was so bad and was so scary and so hurtful to be replaced?”

Jenelle says she hopes she can get her life back on TV somehow because “that’s what I’m made to do! You guys just keep following me.

Barb comes back and tells us that sometimes she feels like they sold their soul to MTV.

Video No. 2 was just released…stay tuned for The Ashley’s recap of that one, coming soon!

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  1. Ugh, the entitlement and lack of self-awareness coming from those three is just insane!!!! Jenelle, you can’t bull shit people when there are video and audio recordings to refute everything you are saying. You might be dumb but we aren’t. Stop trying to rewrite history. We all know y’all can barely read or write.

    Has Jenelle ever once apologized for anything?

    I actually loved when Nessa called out Jenelle for her posts. I thought Nessa approached it calmly and assertive without being combative or confrontational. I think we all would love the opportunity to point out to Jenelle the many, many, many errors and contradictions in her thinking. Nessa had every right to bring up something that really upset her.

    Long story short—Jenelle and David, you are bad people who are FINALLY reaping the seeds you have sown for many years.

    1. I agree. I think Nessa asked Jenelle about things that she had no issue posting about online. Perhaps Nessa thought it could open up a dialogue. We know she was dating Colin Kaepernick, who was peacefully protesting against police brutality by taking a knee during the anthem. It’s just appallingly instead of having a discussion, Jenelle pretended to be sick (it is so constant it is more of an excuse and look for sympathy at this point).

  2. 45 min of bullsh*t spewing from Jenelle, David, and Barbara….thank goodness for recaps. Grace Report pointed out the CPS paperwork in the video. It shows that Ensley was actually physically and/or sexually abused and had no protection against the abuse. Barb also did not let Ensley testify.

    I’m not really understanding what the point is of these videos, do they expect the public to forgive them based on obvious lies and gaslighting and expect to be invited back to MTV or another network? Everything is well documented.

  3. These two assholes (Jenelle and Lurch) do a lot of griping about it being unfair and that they did nothing wrong about a job they claim they are happy they no longer have. The way they tell it, one would think they would b relieved and would never look back. It almost sounds as if they don’t have any money, it’s almost as if they have no prospects, it’s almost as if they wish they want to be back on Mtv. Hmmm. In the world of garbage tv it does sometimes pay to be an asshole, but networks don’t generally like racist, child abusing, animal killing assholes.
    Also, they truly don’t seem to understand that the network can hire and fire whomever they want at their discretion.

    1. Good Point, how do they have any money? Do you have to pay to see that video that Miss Ashley is re-capping?

      I was wondering when the big ol’ swamp sale is starting.
      Maybe Jun Nail talked barb into paying her tax lien.

  4. David looks like an overgrown, more cracked out, and dirtier version of Tiger King Joe Exotic with that blonde shit on his head…Swamp King.

  5. Of course Jenelle is delusional and feels she did no wrong. I do agree with her that MTV is selective in who they fire even though the same issue is at hand. Cheyenne should have been fired for the killing white babies comment (She should have never been hired as she was not a teen mom). I agree with Jenelle the whole Nessa attack was pre-planned. I know this is an unpopular stance with many, but Jenelle has a right to her opinion about Kaepernink. Her opinion though did not mesh with MTV’s and of course the host. Nessa should have excused herself from interviewing Jenelle if she couldn’t keep herself from commenting on something that happened outside the show and let Dr. Drew take over. Jenelle was ambushed.

    Jenelle’s problem was David. It’s always comical when the girls don’t seem to understand why MTV only wants to film the drama in their lives and not what they want to be filmed.

    1. A lot of people don’t wanna hear this, but Jenelle called Kieffah an “N” bomb in leaked texts, and Jenelle was able to keep her job for YEARS after that…Cheyenne made her comments about white babies, and got to keep her job, so honestly that argument when it comes to Jenelle’s consequences v. Cheyenne holds no value….HOWEVER Ambo keeping her job after they fired Jenelle is a valid argument…

      And people have a right to voice their opinion all they want, but don’t be surprised or claim to be “ambushed” or “held against your will” when you get confronted or have consequences that come along with those comments you whole heartedly stood by and apparently still stand by…Jenelle is NOT a victim of anything she didn’t do to herself.

      1. Great point! Jenelle has never had to face the consequences for her bad behavior. Jenelles always been an awful person but she was an awful person with boatloads of money and MTV fame. She has always been able to slither her way out of trouble. She has always pointed the finger at the other castmates and MTV always caved. We are watching Jenelle going thru growing pains. She is tired of adulting. She is finally having to grow up and be responsible for herself and her kids and her family. She has to scramble to earn money. She has to home school a day and cant send Kaiser to daycare because they cant afford it. She has to be humble and frieny and not scream like a banshee. I bet her lawyers no longer take her calls either because she probably still owes them money. she was a crap client to begin with. Jenelle is having a tantrum because she finally has to lie down in the filthy bed she made with that swamp creature.

    2. She is allowed to have her opinion about the Kaepernick situation. So when Nessa challenged her about it, why didn’t she just stick up for her opinion? No, she cried and played the victim and acted like she was being attacked. Being held accountable is not the same as being attacked.

    3. You’re entitled to your opinion, but when you attack people and name call on your personal twitter, you should be woman enough to back it up when confronted with it. Nessa didn’t “attack” her, she asked her “why?”

  6. A few comments:
    1. The only respect I have left for Babs is that she’s been raising her bitch of a daughter’s son while she was off being a crazy delinquent/felon. After everything, she’s really defending them now. It’s disgusting
    2. I am DISTURBED by the way Jenelle keeps referring to David’s psychotic rage as a “little anger issue”. WTF!!!!!!! “Jace and Kaiser only complained about David’s little anger issue, that’s it”, “the producers don’t want to be around David only because of his anger” as if that’s not a COMPLETELY valid reason to be scared of him!
    3. Them claiming that MTV never aired anything positive and only wanted drama, ummm EVERYTHING about Jenelle and her life is NEGATIVE and drama constantly. And it’s not MTV’s fault that this dumb bitch was a drug addiction and criminal who was always strung out, in jail, in court, doing something illegal, or all of the above.That’s JENELLE’S fault, not theirs
    4. She is calling Kristen fake for doing her JOB. She wasn’t Jenelle’s friend and it was obvious she didn’t like all that much and thought they were all crazy. None of them liked Jenelle. NO ONE LIKES YOU JENELLE!! Omfg
    5. Jenelle looks like a ugly gremlin when she’s “crying” in these pics. In that one pic where her head is tilted up to hold back her nonexistent tears, she looks like that haunted, demonic doll Anabelle

  7. For those of you who either watched or saw clips of this video.. did you notice how she cried more about being fired from MTV than she did about Nugget or losing her kids??

  8. Jenelle suffers from liabetes, we all know that.
    But for the Nessa thing… It was damn right she called Juhnelle out, but why didn’t anyone call out Cheyenne for tweeting she wants to kill white babies? She gave that fake apology that lot of her friends used her twitter and one of them posted it, yeah just as believable as Jenelle’s claims that it was posted to her fanpage.

    1. Same reason why no one called out Jenelle for calling Kieffah the “N” word…Jenelle still hasn’t apologized for that one…that happened in 2014 and she stayed on the show with no apology about that until 2019.

    2. For those who seem to forget, this is what she said to Kieffah in 2014 while she was with Nathan:

      “Let’s see…Personal trainer, football player, college student, completed his 4 year term in the marines, was deployed twice I think but def once, graduated high school from a private school, comes from a great family,” she wrote, describing Griffith, before launching her vile bombshell. “Wouldn’t trade him for a N****R like u,” she slammed in the message obtained by Radar.

      Still no apology from Jenelle, got to keep her job for 5 more years, and wasn’t fired because of it.

      1. Yes, it’s ridiculous that being racist and/or homophobic is sorta OK with MTV as long as you bring them $. Many ppl wonder why Amber wasn’t booted since she attacked Andrew with a machete… Because she brings viewers. Jenelle was part of the show because she provided drama. As soon as she started cancelling filming and not allowing the crew to capture drama in her life, it was suddenly an issue that both she and David are racist homophobes.

  9. I’m glad to not see not only Janelle on the show anymore but also Barbara. People seem to forget that Barbara raised Janelle and she was always seen screaming at Jace. Also, I think Barbara does have an alcohol problem and that is why Janelle tried to bust her that day she was drinking all those margaritas at lunch!! Janelle seems to have a good heart who just gets influenced by the wrong guys.

  10. Poor Jenelle what a horrible life you had. All you had to do is collect millions while you lay around and do drugs. You need to collect your dumbass award. If you would’ve just left DAVID you would have the easiest life imaginable. It’s not like you love him anyway. Your sure as Hell ant worried about your kids. Your kids could’ve been set for life. But no you chose David. Set back in your swamp of a paradise. Grow old. Smoke dope. Take pics. Do tictoks.

  11. Ugh David is just another mediocre dude, complaining about how the world is against him. Can’t take responsibility for his own actions.

    Any respect I had for Babs over the years just vanished, reading this. And it wasn’t much to begin with.

  12. That Nessa moment was the best thing I ever watched. It perfectly encapsulated everything we know about Jenelle – she is always the victim. When you tweet things to the public, you might get questioned about it, Jenelle.

  13. Barb saw the writing on the wall years ago. She warned Dumbbell numerous of times she was going to lose the mtv money for all of them. Dumbbell really thought she was untouchable

  14. Well, Jenelle, they couldn’t have given you “bad edits” if you didn’t use heroin, steal your mother’s credit cards, and abuse and neglect your children and pets in front of the camera. I swear, she is absolutely incapable of taking responsibility for her own actions. And North Carolina needs to get its sh!t together, because even after that incredibly disturbing pistol whipping video, all of those children are still stuck in the Swamp of Horrors.

  15. The modular is still sinking and a whole year has passed and she still has the same old vehicles she had 2 yrs ago. All she had to do was give Lurch a tranquilizer dart so she could film. Then she would be buying new houses and cars each year like all the other Teen Moms. Thats their storyline.

  16. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    I agree with Jenelle and her mother about the Nessa incident. Also Amber being on I don’t watch anymore. I am concerned for the children.

  17. You can tell that Babs was forced to say all of this stuff and doesn’t for a minute believe or agree with it either. I wonder what Jenelle has on her to make her just follow her script, because I would never in a million years have thought I would see her vouching and agreeing with Jenelle AND David.

      1. I’m sure she does, and I for sure agree that she’s just as bad as them because I mean look at the three children she raised and how they’ve turned out…But when I watched the videos it just came across to me like she wasn’t wanting to say any of what she said. She looked half scared to me. But at the same time, I only saw clips on the Teenmommamadrama instagram and not the whole vid at one time and I’m definitley not going to Jenelle’s youtube to watch it. Not getting my views anymore lol.

  18. The best thing that could happen to these two is that we all 100% ignore them, and they have to actually get JOBS, the kind you get in your car and go to, work at, and then go home from. Like the rest of us have. They seem to have this inflated delusion that they are CELEBRITIES!!!, and maybe once they start acting and living like most working parents in this country, the more they will appreciate the things they have.
    Also, stop crying on the internet, its gross and classess.

  19. The swamp thing still insists he wasn’t fired, that he was “let go”…if they didn’t give you a severance package of some sort, or you are non-rehirable, YOU WERE FIRED…TEMINATED. Moron.

  20. Does this idiot forget MTV recorded a conference call with her on her last season where they told her it was a pain in the ass filming her because she always cancels or David shows up and then she said if they didn’t want to film David anymore she wouldn’t film either? Obviously thinking if she gave MTV an ultimatum they would cave in to her and bring David back just to keep Jenelle?? It backfired, they didn’t want David or Jenelle back, they basically kind of let her go then, but when she didn’t do shit about David killing Nugget she was completely out. Jenelle is one of the worsts about rewriting history.

  21. I love how these idiots are appalled that Jenelle had to work sick….. as if that’s something totally unheard of before and millions of don’t work everyday not feeing 100%

  22. Jenelle: If MTV held you against your will back then, they’re certainly NOT holding you now.

    David: You say you chose not to work with MTV anymore and not the other way around. Okay, great. I’m sure by now they are fully satisfied and at peace with the fact that you’re NOT there — either way.

    Both of you: Sober up. Grow up. Get a job. Be better human beings. Stop killing dogs. Move the hell on. Shut up.

    Please? Thank you.

  23. All 3 of them sure do talk a lot about a subject they claim to care nothing about. If they’re so “happy” about being let go, then why keep talking about how “unfair” it was? Oh I know, because they’re actually not happy, and they’re finally realizing that they DID need MTV more than MTV needed them…and being out in the real world with no real skills, and going broke, SUCKS.

    Until they take accountability for their role in all of this (which lets be real, they wont), people are going to continue to not like them, and no other network is going to hire them.

  24. Jesus you’d think these two morons could just be happy that they got paid millions to live like trash for ten years but no. Only Jenelle can turn herself into a victim of getting free and undeserved money

  25. Yeah, Don’t bite the hand that feeds ya’ ..

    And babs sitting there defending this, piss off ..

    But amber should have been fired.

  26. Sadly, I have to agree with Jenelle about Amber. She should’ve been fired too. David murdering Nugget and going on racist rants is awful and terrible but attacking your boyfriend (who is holding your baby) with a machete is way worse and she wasn’t fired. She could have seriously hurt Andrew or the baby but she’s still on the show. There is no excuse for that

    1. Considering the condition of his skin, it looks like he takes a single monthly bath in the swamp ?. The guy is getting as disgusting on the outside as he is on the inside.

  27. Thank you for the recap, The Ashley because I would not sit through one more second of Jenelle and company’s dizzying delusions of past history. They hate TV and feel a sense of relief they got fired but, want to be back on TV so much they are itching like a dog in heat. I’m surprised at the amount of loathing I have for two people I’ve never met before but, Jenelle and David are absolutely repulsive. And, I’ve lost respect for Barb. She is starting to sound just like Jenelle.

    1. Does this idiot forget MTV recorded a conference call with her on her last season where they told her it was a pain in the ass filming her because she always cancels or David shows up and then she said if they didn’t want to film David anymore she wouldn’t film either? Obviously thinking if she gave MTV an ultimatum they would cave in to her and bring David back just to keep Jenelle?? It backfired, they didn’t want David or Jenelle back, they basically kind of let her go then, but when she didn’t do shit about David killing Nugget she was completely out. Jenelle is one of the worsts about rewriting history.

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