‘Jersey Shore’ Cast Says Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Has Turned His Life Around Following Jen Harley Drama; Ronnie Talks About Where His Relationship with Jen Stands

Ronnie may be a bit surprised to hear people saying positive things about him and his love life for a change…

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro is getting fist-pumps of approval from his Jersey Shore Family Vacation co-stars since parting ways with baby mama Jen Harley and “turning his life around.” 

While promoting Season 4 of their show, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino told Us Weekly the cast is “so excited and so proud to see this version of Ronnie.” 

“We call it ’stable Ronnie,’” he continued. “It’s good to see a happy, funny Ronnie on TV because [he’s] tons of fun.” 

“Take that, Jen!”

Vinny Guadagnino echoed similar sentiments, calling Ronnie the “biggest highlight” of Season 4. 

“I’m happy [that] he’s happy,” Vinny said. “That man has definitely turned his life around. And that’s the biggest highlight of this next season is Ronnie was, like, present and there. That man showed up. … We’ve seen Ronnie go through a lot of struggles.” 

Many of Ronnie’s so-called “struggles” surrounded his tumultuous relationship with Jen, with whom he shares two-year-old daughter Ariana. The track record of the toxic twosome includes a head-to-head argument broadcast over Instagram Live in April 2018, an altercation while Ronnie was filming for MTV and an incident during the summer of 2018 in which Jen was arrested on charges of domestic violence for allegedly hitting and dragging Ronnie with her car.

“I’m just glad Jen isn’t driving for this little trip down memory lane.”

Ronnie and Jen came to blows (literally) again in October 2018 when Ronnie alleged that Jen gave him a black eye and attempted to extort him, to which Jen responded by publicly calling Ronnie a drug addict. After a brief moment of peace and quiet, the two kicked off 2019 with Jen allegedly throwing an ashtray at Ronnie’s head, resulting in her May arrest on an outstanding warrant for domestic violence. (She was ultimately cleared of this charge in July.) 

Ronnie and Jen, during the (few) days they were getting along…

The final (thus far) showdown between Ronnie and Jen went down in October 2019 when Ronnie was arrested for kidnapping Ariana during an incident in which he also allegedly attacked Jen. In May, Ronnie reached a plea deal in the domestic battery case stemming from the October 2019 assault on Jen, avoiding jail time by agreeing to probation, community labor, a court-approved 52-week domestic violence program and making a $20,000 donation to a Los Angeles battery women’s shelter. 

On Thursday’s season premiere of ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation,’ Ronnie talked about realizing that he and Jen were bad for each other.

“Vinny met her last night and he likes her already,” Ronnie said this week. “You know, she really does make me happy. She supports me. She loves me and that’s something I have always looked for. And I feel like that’s [some]thing that I have not gotten in return it’s [some]thing I’ve always given to other people.”

Season 4 of ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’ premieres tonight, November 19, on MTV. 

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 

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  1. I used to love Jersey Shore back in the day but now it’s just so painfully obvious that they’re just doing it for the cash. It’s not remotely about their real lives, they highly edit what they want to expose- way too fake for me. I think the only person that even comes close to real is Ronnie and that’s because we already know what train wreck he’s riding. The lag time between reality and when the show airs is so long we already know what’s going on. Like Teen Mom, they’ve outgrown the show and it’s time to pack it in. Boring Boring Boring.

  2. Relationship checklist: loves me

    Setting the bar real low there RonRon.

    And Saffire??? Who are her parents and why did they do this?

    1. When you look down at your baby girl and think “what can we name her to guarantee she will grow up to be a stripper with substance abuse issues and a long string of dysfunctional relationships? I know, Saffire!”

      I’m actually surprised they didn’t spell it with a Y

    2. Exactly. So he’s saying Sam didn’t love him? She put up with more than enough abuse from Rahn. Im glad he’s sober now.

      1. A former producer (I forget his exact title) did a reddit AMA and talked about behind the scenes stuff during the seasons he was a part of. Anyway, apparently Sammi was just as horrid as Ronnie, if not worse.

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