Alana Thompson’s Boyfriend Dralin Carswell Indicted on Four Charges Relating to February Police Chase

The couple that evades the cops together stays together.

While Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson is set to start college in Colorado next week, her boyfriend is facing criminal charges back home in Georgia.

The Sun reported that Dralin Carswell, Alana’s boyfriend of two years, has been indicted by a grand jury on four counts stemming from a February incident where he led police on a chase with the underage reality star in the car. Dralin, 22, has been formally charged with “fleeing or attempting to elude a police officer, driving under the influence (controlled substance), driving under the influence (drugs)” and “giving false information to a law enforcement officer,” according to court documents obtained by The U.S. Sun.

As The Ashley previously reported, Dralin was driving Alana and a friend, Julian Williams, on February 28 when cops ran his plates and saw that the car’s owner had outstanding warrants. They attempted to get Dralin to pull over but Dralin refused, instead leading the police on a three-mile chase, reaching speeds of 75 mph in a 55 zone and, according to a police report, running another car off the roadway.

The chase ended after a police car collided with Dralin’s, causing him to lose control of his vehicle.

When pulled over, police allege Dralin initially gave them someone else’s name. Police soon learned his true identity and, after running Dralin’s driver’s license, discovered that he was wanted in another county for a probation violation. During a search of the vehicle, police reported discovering a bag of marijuana and an unregistered firearm. It was also discovered that Dralin had marijuana in his system at a potency level “to the extent that it was less safe for him to drive,” according to court documents obtained by The U.S. Sun.

Dralin’s pal Julian was also arrested that day because police discovered he had outstanding warrants as well. Alana was released to the custody of her sister and guardian, Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon.

A week after the arrest, the sisters went on TikTok Live to show their support for Dralin,

“All this fuss that folks be doing on TikTok and s**t and y’all still be supporting the f**k out of them,” Alana argued in the video. “They do way worse s**t than what Dralin did!”

Lauryn echoed her sister’s sentiments.

“Y’all out here supporting people who beat women … And y’all worried about Dralin running from the goddamn po-lice,” she said. “Be for real!”  

The sisters have yet to comment on the latest development on Dralin’s case.

Alana, who turns 18 on August 28, is set to start a six-year neonatal nursing program at Regis University in Denver, as The Ashley previously reported. The first day of the fall semester at the private Jesuit university is Monday.

“I’ll be moving off campus for security reasons and because Dralin is coming with me,” the incoming freshman told Entertainment Tonight in July. (Regis’ code of conduct prohibits students from cohabitating if living in campus housing.)

Dralin and Alana have been living in Colorado, but recently came back to Georgia. While Pumpkin didn’t reveal why the duo had made the unexpected visit, she did ask followers to “say a prayer for Dralin and his family.”

“They’re going through some stuff right now, so that’s why Alana and them are home” in a TikTok she posted last Sunday promoting an energy supplement.

While her family’s latest reality show Mama June: Family Crisis has not been renewed yet, Alana thinks her life will continue to play out on television.

“Yeah, I have been on TV my whole life and I kind of just basically accepted that whether I want to go be a nurse or I want to go be an accountant, whatever I want to go be, that I will always be in the spotlight,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “It doesn’t matter what I do, I will always probably be known as, ‘Oh my god, Honey Boo Boo’s working on my baby when he was in the NICU.'” 

Whether the cameras will be capturing Dralin’s legal issues and Alana’s adjustment to college life is yet to be seen.

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16 Responses

  1. This small towns harass notable people. I will give drelin a break. The cops probably followed them for hours. I will say that just like June and geno darling isn’t ready for the spotlight. If anything this will be his undoing. He needs to go to school while the chance is there.

  2. How is he able to leave the state?? I am waiting on my court date for DUI and I’m not allowed to leave the state of Virginia!! If I do I have to sit in jail until my court date. Maybe Georgia is different?

  3. I wish Alana would see that Dralin could be her undoing. She’s so proud, as she should be, of leaving for college and chasing her dreams to be a Neo-Natal Nurse.
    I’m surprised Pumpkin isn’t pushing her separating herself from Dralin, at least for the time being, and concentrate on school, make some friends, and let Dralin focus on taking care of the bad choices HE MADE.
    That first love can be so encompassing though, but Alana has shown great maturity at times, and I I’m hoping now will be one of them.
    If Dralin loves her, there is no way in hell he would let her stay in Georgia when she starts school in Colorado next week. He would insist she go and he’ll join her later. Nothing should distract her from her dreams NOTHING!

  4. “All this fuss that folks be doing on TikTok…” Regis has its work cut out. Might I suggest a refresher class on Kindergarten English and Phonemic awareness?

    1. And it’s not a code-switching/for effect thing with her, either. Complete lack of awareness as to Standard American English and when it’s necessary/appropriate to use it.

      I’ll say “yeah, I ain’t doing that” (with a nearly absent ‘t’ in “ain’t”) in a few specific casual settings (as say, a completely deadpan response to something clearly meant to me ridiculous like “what, were we supposed to drive to every Target in the state for a light blue folder?”) but it’s nothing I pull out in a job interview. ??‍♀️

  5. Shes gonna follow this loser as far down as he’ll take her.

    Not that she was destined for greatness anyways.

    Shes just had so many opportunities that most folks only dream of and squandered every one. Opportunities to change her health, TV opportunities..

  6. I wouldn’t be comfortable with her working on anyone. I don’t see her graduating that program though so likely nothing to worry about.

  7. I never understood why people don’t just pull over. Take your lumps, but don’t pickup all these extra charges. Do better Dralin and boo boo, and Pumpkin don’t encourage bad behavior!

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