Medical Scares, A Baby On The Way & A “B*tchorcist”: TLC Releases “1000-Lb. Sisters” Season 4 Teaser

“We’re back, y’all!”

Tammy and Amy Slaton are back for an action-packed season of medical scares, family drama, a pregnancy announcement, a “b*tchorcist” and more! 

TLC released a sneak peek this week of the upcoming season of 1000-Lb. Sisters, giving fans an idea of what’s to come for the Slaton sisters.

The clip kicks off with an update on Tammy’s health, as voiceovers from her family members reveal that Tammy’s body was “shutting down” and that she “quit breathing” prior to her checking into a treatment facility at the end of 2021. (As The Ashley has reported, Tammy has been in the facility for nearly a year now and is reportedly due to check out soon.)

Tammy in her current digs…

Despite the close call and many concerns from her family (and doctor), Tammy later gives an enthusiastic health update to the camera. 

“I’m still here, bitches!” Tammy says from inside the treatment facility. 

While Season 4 will presumably document the progress Tammy has been making during her time at the facility, fans will also see her deal with homesickness due to the facility being in Ohio and her family being back home in Kentucky. 

“I’m struggling with just being so far away from family,” she says in the clip. 

Tammy’s struggles continue during an angry phone conversation with her brother, Chris Combs, during which Tammy can be heard yelling. In response to the interaction, Amy jokes that her sister is in need of a “b*tchorcist.” 

Chris, on the verge of adding Tammy to his “blocked” list.

“We need somebody to exorcise the bitch out of Tammy,” Amy says. 

Aside from planning an attitude exorcism for her sister, Amy and husband Mike Halterman are busy planning to expand their family. 

“We’re expecting another child,” Mike says in the clip, with Amy adding, “Baby number two, y’all!” 

“Anotha one!”

Amy and Mike’s excitement is soon put on pause when Amy reveals there are complications with her pregnancy. 

“The doctor has concerns with this baby because I’m still in a lot of pain,” she says. Amy tears up later in the clip as she tells the camera that “things took a turn for the worse.” 

(As fans of “1000-Lb. Sisters” may recall, Amy and Mike welcomed baby number two –a son named Glenn Allen—in July of this year. At the time of the delivery, Amy called it a “huge success” and did not indicate that Glenn has any health issues.) 

While the sneak peek provides little information about Tammy’s weight loss surgery, the possibility of her undergoing the procedure is mentioned in the clip and Tammy is seen being placed into the back of an ambulance.

As of last month, Tammy was reportedly still recovering after undergoing bariatric surgery at the end of the summer. Following her surgery, she returned to the Ohio rehabilitation center, where medical staff continue to monitor her health and ensure that she is staying on her diet post-surgery.

As The Ashley told you last month, Tammy got hitched a few weeks ago inside the rehabilitation center, which happens to be where she met her husband, Caleb Willingham. Though Tammy and Caleb’s nuptials were not mentioned in the sneak peek, TLC has promised fans the upcoming season will document Tammy’s “road to the ring.”

The new season of “1000-Lb. Sisters” premieres January 17 on TLC. Check out a sneak peek below.  

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(Photos: TLC; Instagram)

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  1. A good show country people who most understand good laughs and Tammy be good. Folww drs orders you will be beautiful when you have lost that weight

  2. Congratulations Tammy can’t wait for the show to return I’ve missed y’all love y’all I fell like you all are like family please take care

  3. I hope she will lose the weight and I love her family I would have just walk away from her because she doesn’t care about her self

    1. Congratulations to both Ashley and Tammy. Happy to hear you will be returning to set again. Can’t wait for the show to begin. See you in January with popcorn and all. Love you family support. ???????

    1. Tammy hasn’t changed one iota. She still screams, curses & fake cries when anyone confronts her with REALLY losing weight. And HOW can it be that she is EVEN BIGGER THAN BEFORE?????

  4. Happy to seek both sisters thriving. Those girls have been through a lot. Weight loss isn’t just about scales and pounds. There is so much more to it in every facet of life.

  5. Tammy congrats on your marriage be good get your weight off because would love 2 see you become a mum you are so good with your sisters little boy just continue with your weight loss everybody is behind you merry Xmas see you all very soon

  6. Hi so happy 2 hear that you’s r comming back on 2 tv, Can’t wait! I’m sure alot of your fans in Australia will b Happy 2 hear that you’s r back? 1 big Happy Fan rite now? Wishing You’s All The Best Debra-Lee frm Aussie Land???????

  7. I’m probably just gonna read the recaps. Also @TheAshley thanks for removing the truly disgusting comment that was here before.

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