Former ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Stassi Schroeder Speaks Out Against Online Hate Tom Sandoval Has Received Amid ‘Scandoval’: “It’s Like Emotionally Beheading People”

“I know, I can’t believe I’m defending you either, Sandoval…”

As longtime Vanderpump Rules viewers know, Stassi Schroeder has never been Tom Sandoval’s biggest fan; however, after facing her own public controversy in 2020, the former ‘VPR’ star doesn’t condone vitriolic attacks from the show’s fans, either.  

Stassi recently spoke about the online hate being directed at her former co-star in the wake of the Scandoval, telling host Alex Cooper on the Call Her Daddy podcast that she can’t condone the hate Sandoval is getting from people online after being the recipient of online attacks herself just a few years ago. 

“How dare people call us out for our actions!”

“I’ve been in a position where I’ve received so much hate before,” Stassi said. “I don’t like where we’re at, like, in society where, like, that’s how we punish people. 

“It’s like emotionally beheading people,” she added. 

As The Ashley previously reported, Stassi got the heave-ho from Bravo in June 2020 (along with Kristen Doute) for racist actions against former ‘VPR’ cast member Faith Stowers. Prior to receiving her pink slip from Bravo, racist comments Stassi had made over the years on her Straight Up With Stassi podcast began to resurface, causing many sponsors to cut ties with the former SURver. Ultimately, removed the podcast from its portfolio. Stassi was also dropped by her rep amid the backlash and publisher Chicago Review Press announced it would no longer promote Stassi’s book Next Level Basic and would be cancelling the remaining events on her book tour. 

(Stassi has since relaunched her podcast, as well as a second with husband Beau Clark. She also released a second book, and revealed this week that she is working on a third.) 

As for the online backlash Sandoval is now receiving, Stassi said she doesn’t “get down with that” and really doesn’t like it, despite her not even liking Sandoval as a person. 

We’re going to go ahead and assume Stassi doesn’t like Sandoval as a musician either, given the fact that she has ears and a pulse.

“Do I like Tom Sandoval? No. Do I think what he did is disgusting and like– f**k him!” Stassi said. “But, like, see now I feel like I’m even adding to it. Like, the online vitriol.”

“Don’t stop on my account.”

Stassi went on to clarify that her remarks are different than the alleged death threats that have been left on Sandoval’s social media posts.

“Let’s just like, not do that as a group of people,” Stassi said. “Let’s just not. At some point, that is how people become incredibly depressed and, like, suicidal.”

(As The Ashley previously told told you, Raquel Leviss and her family contacted the FBI last month after allegedly receiving a wave of death threats themselves following the Season 10 Finale, in which Sandoval and Raquel’s affair was revealed.) 

Stassi admitted she was often frustrated with how Sandoval was portrayed throughout her eight-season run on the Bravo reality series, claiming she felt like Sandoval was “always so beloved.” 

“I guess bribing producers with Dumplin’ Lattes all these years paid off…until now, anyway.”

“ … I would even say to my producers, I’m like, ‘When is he going to get the edit that I feel like the rest of us see?’” she said. “Why does he keep getting away with being just this dude who just wants to like, ‘Give people things and help people out, man.’ That’s not what I’m seeing. I’m seeing someone who’s constantly blaming others for things and dredging things up from the past, and like, just deflecting constantly. If the rest of us look bad, then he looks good. And I’ve always felt that way.” 

After admitting that she and Sandoval never cared for one another, Stassi joked that her “talents were wasted” not getting to be on Season 10 of ‘VPR.’

After sticking with this show for 10 seasons, viewers truly deserved another Stassi-Sandoval screaming match.

“This was when I really could have really just like given it to him and been like, ‘I always knew!’’ she said. “ … The fact that I’m not on it this season–– it’s like, f**k.”  

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(Photos: Bravo; NBC) 


  1. ‘sandoval and the trumpet’ pic ✅✅

  2. Had Stassi not received the backlash she 100% deserved in 2020, she would be the first one throwing stones and “emotionally beheading” them. It’s only because she’s been on the other end of it that she sings a new tune. She can’t help herself and contradicts everything she’s saying by saying how she wished she could have been a part of season 10 so she could have fueled the same vitriol she’s now claiming people shouldn’t be doing. Next to Lala, Stassi was one of the worst on this show.

  3. So, I’ve spoken up about the hate both Tom and Raquel have received from the public, or their co-stars. I’m of the mind that they’re ALL pieces of shit and none of these people have any room to throw rocks in the big ass glass houses they all live in.

    Raquel was wrong. She was deceptive, and gross and back-stabbing. Tom is the same asshole he’s always been. The one Kristen pegged him to be years ago when he did the same thing to her. She warned Ariana that he’d cheat on her too. Shit came full circle and not one person should be shook that it did.

    However, keep in mind- they’re all actors and this is a TV show. Remember, reality or not, this is how these people get paid and no drama equals no show. Unfortunately, I think people forget to take the drama with a grain of salt. These aren’t our friends, we don’t know them, we were not personally scorned and people are going way too far in their frothing hate for Tom and Raquel. I can’t stand Stassi’s racist ass, but she’s not wrong on this. Words have power, sometimes with destructive results and I think when people get enraged enough over a cheating scandal on a TV show that they feel they can send someone threats to un-alive them, those individuals need to take a step back, touch some grass and get some fucking help.

    God, it’ll be refreshing when I can open a browser again and not see this VPR shit spewed across the internet.

  4. Reading the transcription of Stassi is like, worse than hearing her speak.

    Some people need an emotional beheading. Sandoval is and always has been a narcissistic piece of shit. Let him deal with what he’s done with the fame he so desperately wants.

    1. I know right, she is the epitome of someone who thinks they are smart and everything they say is poignant.

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