Kody Brown Reveals How the Hate He Gets From ‘Sister Wives’ Fans Affects Him; His Feelings on Ex Christine Getting Remarried & the Possibility of Reconciling with Janelle

Kody, after being bashed by viewers, ditched by most of his wives and slammed by most of his kids…

Kody Brown has watched as his public image—not to mention his marriages and relationships with most of his kids— implode over the past few years, but the unpopular Sister Wives star appears to still have hope that he can turn things around for the future.

In a new, rare interview with Us Weekly, Kody discussed what it’s like being so openly hated by ‘Sister Wives’ fans. He also discussed his ex-wives– ChristineJanelle and Meri— all of whom have left him in the past three years. (He remains married to only one wife, Robyn.)

And, for the first time, Kody revealed his feelings on Christine’s recent remarriage and his hope that he can still save his marriage to Janelle.

Below, The Ashley has organized some of Kody’s most-interesting— and most-surprising!— comments from the new interview.

On how he deals with the hate he gets from ‘Sister Wives’ fans: 

“Everyone hates me and it’s NO FAIR!”

Kody admitted that he’s still surprised by the negative reactions he gets from fans.

“It affects me differently than it affects the viewer because I’ve got somebody trashing my reputation and I’m going, ‘Holy cow. I can’t believe that’s happening,’” he told Us Weekly. “And the public’s just going, ‘Oh, we always thought this about you.’”

Kody– who has not used his social media accounts in several years– said he still hasn’t adjusted to his new life as a “hated” reality star.

“There’s no getting used to that level of criticism,” he said. “I have to remind myself [that] your opinion of me is none of my business.”

On why he has to admit that Christine was “brave” to break up with him:

“Being called ‘brave’ by Kody is a lot better than what he used to call me: chubby, unattractive, needy…”

As ‘Sister Wives’ fans know, Christine left Kody in 2021, but their marriage had been on the rocks for years before Christine finally pulled the plug. Kody had admitted that he wasn’t attracted to Christine and that he felt pressured into marrying her, but now he says he would never have broken up with her, and she was brave to do it herself.

“I never felt like I had the right to say, ‘Hey, listen, I don’t love this woman. I want a divorce.’ I never felt like that was in my wheelhouse [because I was the polygamist husband], but it was in [Christine’s],” Kody said. “So, Christine made a choice, and that’s kind of where it’s at. She chose to go, and it’s a blessing and a curse. It’s been very, very, very hard.

“But it was her being brave enough to do it, because I was never going to do that,” Kody added.

On how he feels about Christine getting remarried:

“I’m fine! Everything’s FINE!”

Earlier this month, Christine married David Woolley, whom she met on a dating app after leaving Kody. While the majority of Kody’s 18 kids attended the nuptials, as did Kody’s ex Janelle, Kody did not go. (Robyn and Kody’s other ex, Meri, were also absent.)

Kody was asked how he feels about seeing Christine move on with another man.

“I honestly haven’t witnessed much of it,” Kody said, adding, “Her and I don’t associate almost at all.”

(Kody and Christine share six kids, but only one– Truely– is still a minor.)

On whether or not he feels he might be able to reconcile his marriage to Janelle:

“Fat chance, Kodi-locks, but go on believing that…”

While Kody’s marriage to Christine is definitely over, it appears that he still has hope that he and Janelle can one day reconcile. (In December, Janelle announced that she and Kody are “separated.”)

Kody told the magazine that he doesn’t believe that his marriage to Janelle is officially over. However, Janelle has apparently not indicated that she wants to get back with him.

“I can talk to Janelle all the time and say, ‘Hey, what are we going to do? Are we going to reconcile this?’ And she doesn’t sound like she’s interested in reconciliation,” Kody told the magazine.

“You’ll see pigs flying up there before you’ll see me getting back with you, Poodle Perm.”

“I mean, time changes things, and if you move forward with grace and forgiveness, maybe you’ll find love in the end … even if not staying in the marriage,” Kody added hopefully.

On the possibility of him getting married again:

For years, there have been rumors that Kody is courting or preparing to marry another wife. Now that three out of four of his marriages have gone up in flames, Kody said wouldn’t even consider trying again. 

“Buuuut…buuuut…I was just about to buy another chair for the porch! Monogamy is not part of my big ‘pitch-er’ Kody!”

“I would never be interested in marrying again,” Kody told he magazine, before adding a statement that shows he still believes he might be able to salvage some of the family he once had.

“I’m not a polygamist [anymore],” he said. “Unless I pull this family back together somehow.”

Kody’s exes upon hearing that statement…

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  1. I’m curious what Sobyn is thinking now that she is the only one now…only because she has stated many times that she does not want to be in a monogamous marriage. My thoughts are you made your bed little missy now you’ve got to lay in it! Enjoy!!

  2. I’m 100% in support of Christine, Meri & Janelle. Robyn is thorn in my side & doesn’t fit in the group. Blah, blah, blah. Go away Robyn!!!

  3. I’m sorry I think there was a typo there Cody is interested in reconciling with Jenelle’s bank account. That’s what he’s interested in and keeping at least one or two of these women hanging on so he can keep the show going since he and Robyn are probably the least interesting part of it at this point.

  4. Is this even real or just for ratings? If Kody is truly the jerk he’s played for the last few years, he AND sobbin’ Robyn are putrid.

  5. I’ve got somebody trashing my reputation and I’m going, ‘Holy cow. I can’t believe that’s happening,’”

    — Lol. This man goes on television for years and talks crap about his kids, we literally just saw an episode where he calls them jerks, and doesn’t call or talk to the majority of his kids.

    Spends year telling us about how he has to focus on the tender age children, so that means he can’t have ANY relationship with the older children. Tried to get Jenelle to kick out her grown children “bye bye” during COVID while they were working full time to save up for a house, but has Dayton and Aurora living in Robin’s million dollar hoarder house.

    He’s almost to killed Truly, didn’t got to Ysabel’s back surgery, but drove 20 hours to go dance like an idiot at his business partner’s wedding to a woman he didn’t even know.

    Treated Jenelle like crap for years, and treated Christine like crap for years.

    And then is surprised that people don’t like him. No one can trash Kody’s reputation better than Kody. He’s done that all on his own. And even now he can’t take any accountability for his own actions. This shows there is no hope for him.

    Robin has won the next 20 years of misery listen to this man complain about why his children don’t visit, why everyone hates him and that damn Christine how dare she kick me out after I told her I would ever have sex with her again. The nerve. How dare she move on. Robin using QVC to cope until you know she uses up all the money.

  6. I thought he was in therapy. He still hasn’t learned a thing, sounds like.
    Kody, if the entire world thinks you’re awful, instead of saying “Your opinion of me is none of my business,” why not take a minute and listen to what people are saying, and think about if you need to make some changes. Your words and your actions on the show are horrific. People never agree on anything but the entire internet seems to agree on that. That’s a big deal. You can still love yourself as a person, but you need to take a step back and see yourself from the outside. You have said so many cruel, hateful, selfish, & unfair things. If you can’t see that you need to make some big changes, get a new therapist that can explain it to you more clearly.
    P.S. When 13 of your 18 children are not speaking to you, the reason is you have HURT THEM. It’s not because Janelle and Christine are trash-talking you. The kids are adults with minds of their own. They’re not going to go from loving you to cutting you off just b/c of how their moms speak of you. YOU HURT THEM.

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